Within the Music Department

The Music Department has ongoing teaching opportunities for both the summer and the academic semesters.


During the semester, ProjectMusic and ProjectMusic Opera are also service learning opportunities. ProjectMusic Opera is open to all music students who wish to gain teaching experience, uniting college students and elementary students in the production of a children's opera. This program takes place during the spring semester. Please talk to Dr. Suzanne Burton for more information on these programs. Find her contact information on the Faculty Contacts page.

The Beat Goes On is a summer service learning project advised by the Music Education professor, Dr. Burton. The Beat Goes On is a project designed to be implemented in Wilmington, Delaware with middle to high school students at community centers. Undergraduate students involved in this project aim to give these students a means of musical engagement, empowerment, and transformation: to have voice through musical creativity by composing with iPads during the summer months. If you have interest in this summer scholar program, please contact Dr. Burton. Again, find her contact information here


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