Music Department

The Edward G. and Naomi L. Jefferson Prize in Music

  • “The Jefferson Prize is given annually to an outstanding undergraduate or graduate music major to encourage ongoing research and study. The money may be used for summer research, specialized study in performance or attendance at a music festival or workshop. Student will be nominated for this award by one or more members of the faculty of music. Nominations should include a description of the proposed activity as well as the anticipated benefits. The faculty will determine the annual recipient of the award.”

*The application opens in April of every spring semester, and the deadline for submission is the beginning of May. Applications are located in the Music Department Office. Ask a faculty member early for your recommendation.

University of Delaware 

External Scholarships

  • Please visit the student page for the Career Service Center to find resources through the university. Under the Experience page for students, you can find information about internships, volunteer and community service, and Fellowships.
  • Please go to this link to find the list of external scholarships through the University.