Interview Tips

Please find interview tips and sample interview questions on the Career Services Center website.

Additional Guidelines


Tips from "Ace Your Interview" 

Written by Gerald Klickstein, the director of the Peabody Conservatory's Music Entrepreneurship and Career Center

This article also has information on performance interviews and auditions.

Search committees commonly filter applications to single out candidates they’ll interview by phone or video; after completing those interviews, they pick three or so finalists to invite to campus.

When you receive a request for a phone or video interview, provide numerous timeslots when you’ll be available and inquire who is on the search committee; then, research the committee members’ backgrounds.

  •  Rehearse the language you’ll use. If you’re a novice, conduct a mock interview with a mentor.
  • During your interview, have your talking points in front of you, speak succinctly & articulately, and jot notes as questions are asked over the phone.
  • Show enthusiasm for the position, the institution, and your profession.
  • Be collegial, but not too casual; avoid laughing over the phone – it can seem odd when visual cues are absent.
  • Come across as an experienced colleague with potent ideas, a solid work ethic, and an eagerness to grow.
  • Prepare pertinent questions: study the institution’s website; then, ask about topics that you couldn’t adequately research online such as enrollment targets, guest artist programs, long-range planning, career development resources for students, and so forth. Don’t ask about compensation – it’s seldom appropriate until a job offer is made.